TA 11 - forward and distance always remains constant Eye...

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12/3/09 Stage Combat Actors need training to be safe and tell a good physical story on stage Combat training requires certification Stage violence is overseen by a guild Society of American fight directors (SAFD) oversees the training Different levels of training: 8 different weapons Actor Combatant: 30 hours of training with 3 weapons, rapier, dagger and another of your choice Advanced actor combatant: 30 hours in each of 6 weapons Certified teacher: You know all 8 weapons and are trained to be able to teach it Fight directors: People have had at least 3 years at certified teacher level, at a level where there able to walk into any Broadway show and choreograph a fight scene Fight Master: Only about 13 in US and must be elected, 3 are women Foundations of safety: Safety is key with stage violence Fighting stance is very important: One foot in front of the other with bent knees, hips
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Unformatted text preview: forward and distance always remains constant Eye contact must remain throughout fight scenes Enguard: Telling your fighting partner you’re ready to go Distance: Must remain the same so you know how far you can swing without making contact Communication: So you never do something to surprise your opponent KNAP: Sound effect of physical violence, slapping sound of physical contact Chest KNAP is when person throwing the punch hits their chest to make noise Shared clap KNAP is the slapping of both fighters hands to sounds like a slap Perry’s and avoidances are the 2 ways to avoid a sword attack Corps a corps: Coming into tight distance where one fighter holds the others sword down Most important thing is safety and accuracy...
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TA 11 - forward and distance always remains constant Eye...

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