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TA 13 - Check in with technical director daily Run weekly...

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Stage Manager 9/24/09 Link between all elements of the production Must know all acting aspects, tech aspects, stage aspects Extremely well-rounded theatre practitioner 10 minutes before the opening, the show belongs to the stage manager A good stage manager can make or break a show Members of AEA (Actor?s Equity Association) Organization! Knows script backwards and forwards Good at handling and dealing with people and all kinds of personalities Good at handling stress Procedures and Duties Meet with director and find out his/her expectations Make a ?Prompt Book? -The production ?bible? -Contains everything that happens in the play -Blocking -Lighting and sound cues -Scene changes Contact Sheet Keep rehearsal schedule as posted -Make sure the actors are there and you start on time
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Unformatted text preview: Check in with technical director daily Run weekly production meetings-Aware of process and progress of designer, etc. Help actors with lines by being ?on book? Report 30 min. early to rehearsals and 1 ½ hours before performances-Everything must be set and ready to go-Sound check, light check, props, costumes, etc. Open theatre 30mins. Before performance (check w/ House manager) Calls time until places: (30?, 15?, 10?, 5?, Places) Calls the show-Stays in booth while his/her assistance are backstage on headsets Make a post-performance report of what happened during the show and post it Responsible for House Rules-No smoking, eating, drinking in costume-No visitors in rehearsal or performances...
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