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Guidelines for a Prompt Script Book 9/27/09 Cast list. This list should include everybody who works in the play: actors, designers, technicians, musicians, specialty artists, etc. The Play Script, itself, containing all stage directions Write in all cues w/ warnings, standby and GO! For sound, lights, shifts, entrances, etc. Any and all information pertaining to the run of the show List all recordings/tapes with name, make, source, and catalog number of
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Unformatted text preview: same. Production Schedule Curtain cues, sound cues, music cues, special effect cues, light cues Light plot, Property plot, Costume plot Floor plans should be secured from the designer. Also sketched, if any are available A printed program from the Show Stage manager is the middle of the hub on the wheel?if the stage manager falls off, so does the wheel/show....
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