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9/29/09 Dramaturgy (not a kind of polish sausage) Dramaturgy: Researcher, public relations specialist, synthesizer. They look back at the period and style of a play, what were the crisis?s and what were things like. This person helps the director and teaches the actors. Program notes are usually done by the dramaturge Training: Best have both academic and performance background They select and prepare play texts for performance, they advise and critique the actors, works directly with director, educate the audience, research particular challenges in script such as accents and culture and seasons, they research the social history within and surrounding the play, they make the program notes and outreach educationally Dramaturge asks themselves Why is the play being produced? Why do these events occur? What? s the conflict? How to best portray plays events so they are authentic and consistent,
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Unformatted text preview: understandable and relevant to performers Who?s the first dramaturge: Will be on test, GE Lessing, Hamburg dramaturgy (1767) Wanted to establish German national theatre, he evaluated and wrote new scripts In the USA dramaturgy is relatively new and has been around since the 1960?s Employment and activity: Duties vary from theatre to theatre and it is rare that a person is only a dramaturge so they must hold other position in the play process, they are good researchers and easily employable Interested in new or adopted plays and bringing them into play, regional and commercial houses use dramaturges Organization: Literary managers and dramaturges of the Americans (LMDA), small growing organization and there is major activity through listserv...
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