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Class 3 Review of how atmosphere circulation controls climate, salinity, wind belts, surface currents, migration patterns of marine life, and heat transport!- Currents move marine life and transport them, currents push warm water west and cold water east, west coast has cooler water so it is drier and west coast has warmer water so it is muggier Energy transport in atmosphere makes Earth much more habitable!!- Evaporation and precipitation Energy in atmosphere seen as dynamics in storms, as tornadoes, and as lightning. Source of heat for all of these processes = sun. Weather patterns, High versus Low pressure, and atmosphere motion  weather prediction- Low pressure
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Unformatted text preview: has thinner air so air is rising and often brings rain, high pressure has thick air so air is sinking so there’s no rain, the lower the low pressure the bigger the storm Wind across surface also makes waves: low wind = small waves, high wind = tall waves! Atmosphere circulating correctly today? Real pattern of wind today ( http://manati.orbit.nesdis.noaa.gov/quikscat/ ) Why rare for waves to be taller than 50 feet, and why this is a good thing!- because you need at least 1600 miles of ocean to create a wave this big and there’s almost nowhere in the ocean where there’s this much distance without hitting land...
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