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CLASS 6 Upwelling and Density currents Global patterns of upwelling/downwelling and marine productivity (map info!!) Upwelling = Food = Nutrients = High Productivity Wind causes upwelling along equator and along some coastlines Equatorial Upwelling- Upwelling along the equator that upwells from about 200M, the water that upwells is colder with more nutrients and more CO2, this results in high chlorophyll along the equator Cold Tongue / Warm Pool Wind-driven upwelling in Southern Ocean (important for mixing of oceans 200-300 yrs)- Southern ocean has the strongest wind in the world that carries the Antarctic circumpolar current clockwise around Antarctica , the winds are so strong that upwelling occurs from 2000M. This is the most important
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Unformatted text preview: upwelling region in the world because it is the only way for water under 200M to reach the surface Density currents: Thermohaline Circulation- When water freezes it deposits the salt and water below the ice sinks and when the ice thaws it absorbs the salt and begins to rise Warm water floats/Cold water sinks/Fresh water floats/Salty water sinks #1: Upwelling at the equator from wind/heat, down at high latitudes, turns in 100 years! #2: Seasonal (down in winter hemisphere) Driven partly by cooling and evaporation, partly by formation of ice sheets #3 = Conveyor Belt current in Atlantic Ocean- Shows downwelling in the Atlantic Ocean...
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