Math 96 Spring 12 Syllabus

Math 96 Spring 12 Syllabus - Math 96 Intermediate Algebra...

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Math 96 Shannon McCool Intermediate Algebra Office: Vista B108A Spring 2012 Phone: 673 - 7188 T Th 9:30 – 10:45, 11-12:15 **Best way to contact me. e-mail: [email protected] Vista B101 Website: Office Hours: M W 10:45pm – 12:15pm T TH 8:30am – 9:30am Course Description: A second course in algebra. Topics covered include: solving quadratic, rational and radical equations, simplifying rational and radical expressions and complex numbers, and solving application problems. Prerequisite: C or better in Math 95 or equivalent or satisfactory ACCUPLACER, ACT/SAT test results. Textbook: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, Custom Package with MML by Elayn Martin-Gay. You must bring your textbook with you to every class. You also must sign up and log in to MyMathLab the first day of class. Calculator: A TI-83 graphing calculator is recommended, but not required, although scientific calculator will be fine. TI 83 calculators can be rented for $20 per semester in the Math Tutoring Center at TMCC in Vista B106. Class Format: Students will be expected to actively participate in the classroom activities and discussions that will include homework questions at the beginning of each class, lecture, in-class exercises, group work and daily homework. Attendance: Attendance will be checked every class period. Students will be required to come to class on time. Students who do not attend the first day may be dropped from the class by the instructor (see grading policy). Additionally, I will not re-teach lessons missed due to an absence. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. At the beginning of class, turn off and store all cell phones for the duration of the class period. NO TEXTING! MP3 players, iPod’s, CD players, cell phones, etc. will not be allowed at any time. Students must obtain a TMCC e-mail account in order to receive e-mails from me regarding any updates or class cancellations due to weather (you can also check the TMCC website). If sending me an e-mail, please include your course meeting day and time. Course Outcomes: Outcome Statement 1 : Students will demonstrate the ability to solve nonlinear equations using analytic methods. Outcome Statement 2 : Students will demonstrate the ability to use mathematics concepts in real world situations. Outcome Statement 3 : Students will demonstrate the ability to simplify and perform operations with nonlinear expressions.
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Course Objectives: Students will: 1. evaluate exponential expressions with rational exponents 2. use function notation; evaluate a function 3. solve equations involving absolute value, rational expressions, rational exponents, and radicals. 4. solve systems of linear inequalities by graphing, and solve non-linear polynomial inequalities
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Math 96 Spring 12 Syllabus - Math 96 Intermediate Algebra...

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