Math 120 Spring 12 Syllabus

Math 120 Spring 12 Syllabus - Math 120 Fundamentals of...

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Math 120 Shannon M c Cool Fundamentals of College Math Office: Vista B108A Spring 2012 Phone: 673-7188 M W 8:00 – 9:15, 9:30 – 10:45 **Best way to contact me. e-mail: [email protected] Vista B203 Website: Office Hours: M W 10:45pm – 12:15pm T TH 8:30am – 9:30am Course Description: This course will cover sets, logic; probability, statistics; consumer mathematics; variation; geometry and trigonometry for measurement; linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions. There will be an emphasis on problem solving and applications. Satisfies UNR core curriculum. Prerequisite: MATH 96 or equivalent or qualifying Accuplacer, ACT/SAT test results. Textbook: College Mathematics Multimedia Edition by Theodore J Lambert III. The Homework Assistant CD can be used for extra practice problems (with solutions) as the student’s need arises. Calculator: A TI-83 graphing calculator is required for this course. A limited number of calculators can be rented from the math center. You must bring your calculator and textbook with you to every class. I recommend that you bring extra batteries to class for your calculator, especially on test days! Class Format: Students will be expected to actively participate in the classroom activities and discussions that will include homework questions at the beginning of each class, lecture, in-class exercises, group work and daily homework. You must watch the video lessons for the next section we will cover before coming to class. Attendance: Attendance will be checked every class period. Students will be required to come to class on time. Students who do not attend the first day may be dropped from the class by the instructor (see grading policy). Additionally, I will not re-teach lessons missed due to an absence. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. At the beginning of class, turn off and store all cell phones for the duration of the class period. NO TEXTING!. MP3 players, iPod’s, CD players, cell phones, etc. will not be allowed at any time. Students must obtain a TMCC e-mail account in order to receive e-mails from me regarding any updates or class cancelations due to weather (you can also check the TMCC website). If sending me an e-mail, please include your course meeting day and time. Course Outcomes: Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to solve financial math problems. Outcome 2 : Students will demonstrate the ability to solve exponential growth and decay problems.
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course MATH 120 taught by Professor Shannonmccool during the Spring '12 term at Truckee Meadows Community College.

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Math 120 Spring 12 Syllabus - Math 120 Fundamentals of...

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