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AUTO.145.SYL.2012-1.Rev01-07-12 - Rev COURSE SYLLABUS AUTO...

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Page 1 of 6 Rev 01-07-12 COURSE SYLLABUS AUTO 145 AUTOMOTIVE BRAKES Instructor: Raymond K. Scow Sr. Telephone: Office 856-5311 - Home: 747-9036 - Cel: 843-6022 Fax: 856-5320 - Office: 141 - E-mail: [email protected] Or [email protected] Web Site: http://classes.tmcc.edu/rscow/ Class Location: Edison Automotive Classroom 134, Lab 130 Auto Tool Room Telephone: 856-5314 Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 1:00 pm to 4:50 pm Meeting Dates: January 23 rd to March 16 th 2012 Credit Hours: Five AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN PROGRAM SCHOOL OF SCIENCE APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY DIVISION EDISON CAMPUS TMCC TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 475 EDISON WAY RENO, NV 89502-4103
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Page 2 of 6 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course covers theory and hands-on skills needed for maintenance and repair of automotive and truck brake and ABS systems. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of operation and repair of the hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic system. This class covers ASE A-5 test preparation and can assist with upgrade training or the student wishing to gain entry- level automotive related employment. COURSE OBJECTIVES Demonstrate basic problem-solving skills Diagnose and repair hydraulic and mechanical components Diagnosis and repair the electronic control systems for antilock brake systems Identify common brake components Machining of brake drums and rotors Practice effective employability skills Recognize and practice workplace safety Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to: COURSE OUTCOMES Successful students will follow the correct diagnosis and repair procedures for the braking system. Safely handle brake components and fluids. Students will follow manufacturer's procedures for machining brake drums and rotors. Follow the manufacturer's troubleshooting procedures for antilock brake failure. Students will safely handle all brake components. Correct use of special tools for the repair of the brake system. Repair the brake system to manufacturer's specifications. Successful use of test equipment and repair manuals for the diagnosis and repair of the antilock brake systems. NATEF standards will be followed. COURSE MEASURE The instructor will evaluate the student's correct use of test equipment and repair procedures by use of lab worksheets and hands on testing. The instructor will assess the accuracy of the student's written testing and repair procedures by the use of hands on repair of the automobile or truck. INSTRUCTOR'S PHILOSOPHY
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AUTO.145.SYL.2012-1.Rev01-07-12 - Rev COURSE SYLLABUS AUTO...

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