AUTO.150.Assignments - CHAPTER 111 Tire and Wheel Service CHAPTER 112 Suspension System Components and Operation CHAPTER 113 Front Suspension and

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STUDENT NAME __________________________________________ DATE ___________________ TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN PROGRAM AUTO 150 – STEERING AND SUSPENSION AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 4 th Edition Principles, Diagnosis, & Service List of Chapters and Homework Assignments NOTE: Chapters are NOT in order. ______ CHAPTER 119 -- Wheel Alignment Principles ______ CHAPTER 120 -- Alignment Diagnosis and Service ______ CHAPTER 109 -- Tires and Wheels
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Unformatted text preview: ______ CHAPTER 111-- Tire and Wheel Service ______ CHAPTER 112-- Suspension System Components and Operation ______ CHAPTER 113-- Front Suspension and Service ______ CHAPTER 114-- Rear Suspension and Service ______ CHAPTER 117-- Steering Linkage and Service ______ CHAPTER 116-- Steering Columns and Gears ______ CHAPTER 118-- Power-Assisted Steering Operation and Service ______ CHAPTER 115-- Electronic Suspension Systems 12/30/11 RKS...
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