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TECHNICAL REPORT ASSIGNMENT FOR AUTO 150 SPRING 2012 STUDENT NAME _______________________________ DATE ___________________ TOPIC: SUSPENSION & STEERING SYSTEMS, component, operation, and/or diagnosis. DUE May 2 nd , 2012 USE THIS AS YOUR COVER SHEET FOR YOUR REPORT Report must be typed, two pages double-spaced (minimum font size 12, maximum font size 14), with proper references and footnotes. Also, attachments or hyperlinks ( example = www.tmcc.edu ) ( preferred ), must show reference done on computer and internet (attach copies of pages). Access is available in computer labs at all TMCC’s campuses, and
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Unformatted text preview: also in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). Remember my web site to get some ideas for your report. POINT BREAKDOWN FOR TECHNICAL REPORT: 1. 25 Points for assigned topic and overall organization. 2. 25 Points for technical content. 3. 15 Points for sentence structure. 4. 15 Points for paragraph structure. 5. 15 Points for grammar, mechanics, usage, & spelling. 6. 5 Points for format, footnotes, and references. 7. Bonus Points for creativity & novelty. TOTAL OF 100 POINTS FOR TECH REPORT...
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