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What is Government - better idea of what government is and...

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Andrew Tran 323366 Per. #4 AbstEmIOUslY : being sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate in diet. As with most other typical youths, I have always been apathetic towards government and political affairs. Before reading these first three chapters over the summer, I have only had a general idea about the purpose of a government. I had always known that the government is obviously responsible for laws and policies made for the people it governs, and that the government maintains the military as our country’s national defense. However, not much else about our nation’s government was known to me. After reading the first three chapters of our AP Government textbook, I gained a
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Unformatted text preview: better idea of what government is and the importance of getting involved. When the time for presidential elections rolled around, I honestly did not care one bit about who was going to be president because I believed that the decision would not affect me anyway. As I grow older, however, I have been beginning to notice the changes in taxes, school policies, driving restrictions, and other new laws and policies that really did affect me. Although I still do not quite know the importance of being involved in political affairs, I am looking forward to learning about our nations issues throughout the school course....
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