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TECHNICALREPORTRUBRIC - Rubric Key Quality Indicators for...

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Rubric - Key Quality Indicators for Writing Assignments Excellent Average Unsatisfactory Assigned The essay is well organized. It 16 The organization is reasonable but 6 The essay is disorganized, 0 Topic & contains introductory, supporting - not special; it may lack full - incoherent, and poorly developed. - Overall and concluding paragraphs and a 25 development in the introductory, 15 The essay does not stay on topic. 5 Organization clearly identifiable thesis statement. supporting or concluding The essay is coherent, logically paragraphs. Coherence and ordered, and fully developed. It is sequence are attempted but not complete and self-contained. consistent. Technical The essay engages the topic fully 16 The essay addresses the topic 6 The essay does not clearly address 0 Content and imaginatively. It reflects that the - competently. The evidence is - the topic, and may be confusing or - writer has searched thoroughly and 25 enough to convince the reader but 15 difficult to understand. The writer 5 effectively for appropriate evidence.
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