MGT 449 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Quality Textiles International Scenario

MGT 449 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Quality Textiles International Scenario

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Unformatted text preview: Quality Textiles International Quality T extiles International is an organization that weaves fabric and then prepares the required sheet lengths as desired by custom ers. T hey have received recent com plaints that the fabric weight, m easured in ounces per square inch, is not m eeting custom er requirem ents, which are very close to the control lim its. Quality T extiles International’s quality assurance departm ent checks the fabric weight on regular basis and knows that their process for fabric weight has a m ean of 2.73 oz/in2 and a standard deviation T he fol owing table shows 50 fabric weight m easurem ents of fabric sam ples col ected by the quality assurance departm ent: Observation Fabric W eight Calculate the M ean and the Standard deviation on the lab col ected sam ples. Is the m ean and standard deviation stil the sam e as the original process? 1 2.78 2 2.46 Mean of the 50 fabric weights is 2.98 oz/in^2 and the standard deviation is 0.52 oz. These values are dif erent from the established values of 2.73 and 0.31 for the process.50 fabric weights is 2....
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