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Week 3 DQ# 2 MGT 449 - the check sheet or check list This...

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What are two or three quality management tools used in data collection? What types of quality management tools do you utilize to make personal or business decisions? How do you use these tools in the decision-making process? There are seven basic quality tools according to chapter 15 in the book. One is Pareto Chart it is a useful to if you need to split up information that is not important and the information that is important. Another way to collect data is the cause and effect diagram. This diagram is most often used to find a problem or isolate when or where a issue is. This kind of diagram helps your organization to keep a look out for the things on the diagram. Because the things on the diagram can point out potential issue the company may have or is having. Another one that can be use full is
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Unformatted text preview: the check sheet or check list. This is also the third out of seven of the tools that are used to collect data. This kind of data collect is a check list that a company can put info on and go through and check it off to make sure that the info is correct and it can take many forms. It also can be used for many different uses the uses are endless. For some of my personal uses I use a check list style to make sure that I have done thing for instent that I have mailed the persons orders or have made that person product or even received their payment. I use these tools to make sure that my business gets its products out and to make sure that I get paid. I also use it to keep track of to help me make decisions to help me decide what I want to keep selling and what I need to get rid of....
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