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Rebecca Lanham HUM 205 1). Name of the museum: Leepa-Rattner Museum 2). URL for museum: 3). Theme or major focus of the museum: Leepa-Rattner’s work and a few other minor exhibits 4). Types of exhibits: It had an exhibit of the Florida craftsmen’s 50 th anniversary, the moment photography by Herb Snitzer, and the 5 th annual SPC student art awards This is one of the fist Museums I found so I stuck with it I wanted the Smithsonian institute but it did not have a virtual tour as of yet. I was not real happy with this museum tour it had no sound or commentary to guide you thought it or to give you any information on the art pieces. It did give you a little information on the side to read, about what the exhibit was about in general. The exhibit did give you options you could start in the lobby or somewhere else so that was kind of nice. To me it was just lacking something I think more detail to what the art was about or more about the artist in general would have been good. I did
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