Check Point Tenets of Islam

Check Point Tenets of Islam - usually about love or the...

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Tenets of Faith Rebecca Lanham University of Phoenix HUM 201 World Culture and the Arts Dr. Boatamo Mosupyoe September 07, 2007
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Architecture Mosque is a religious building for worship. It has an open floor plan to show all the art work. In the center of the building there is a fountain that is used for purification. Minarets are the towers that are beside the mosque. People are called to go and pray by the muezzins, the person walks up a staircase where there is a flat form. Persian Poetry Relationships of lost lovers. A Ghazal is a poet Arabic lover lyric that has five fifteen couplets. They are believed to be Persian origin. Persian poetry is almost always lyrical. They are
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Unformatted text preview: usually about love or the loss of a loved one. Celebration of spring is the time of renewal and hope. This is to being a welcome sight to the desert of blooming flowers. Music and Dance Turkish whirling dervishes is how they have a direct contact with God. The musical trance of spinning circular dance has become associated with whirling dervishes. Suri dancing is an outlet for emotion. It also is the opportunity to achieve ecstasy through the psychic illumination in trance. Reference: Benton, DiYanni. (2005). Arts and Culture- An introduction to the Humanities (second edition). Prentice Hall....
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Check Point Tenets of Islam - usually about love or the...

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