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CheckPoint Description of Tearms HUM 205

CheckPoint Description of Tearms HUM 205 - It’s what...

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Rebecca Lanham HUM 205 CheckPoint: Description of Terms Interdisciplinary Connections: It’s how music and math influenced architecture in the renaissance age. Cultural Cross Currents: It is like cultural cross “contamination” for lack of a better word it takes a little bit of one culture to another culture in turn it’s how we get new ideas. It’s a reflection of one art to help invent or better another art. Transhistorical Connections:
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Unformatted text preview: It’s what connects the past and present to then and now. I would say it’s how you can compare one thing from one age to another thing from another age and see how the common things. This was a little hard for me because it didn’t really give a detailed definition it really just gave examples so you had to kind of put things in your own words I hope this is ok this class is going to be a lot harder than I thought....
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