CheckPoint the Human Condition HUM 205

CheckPoint the Human Condition HUM 205 - Kids and adults...

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Rebecca Lanham HUM 205 CheckPoint: The Human Condition In your personal opinion, which of the following forms best depicts the human condition: Visual arts, architecture, literature, or music? To support your point of view, give examples either from a historical perspective or from the current times. I feel that all forms of arts, not just one depict the human condition but I feel that all do in their own way at one time or another. But, if I had to narrow it down to just one I would most likely have to say music. I feel before there was any literature, architecture, or visual arts there was the cave men banging on rocks and jamming out like they had drums. Now days you can listen to almost any type of music and most likely tell what’s going on in the world. Songs depict war, love, good things, bad things, hate, and things in the news. For one example Billy Joel’s song We didn’t Start the Fire gives many historical events that happen not only when the song came out but before the song came out.
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Unformatted text preview: Kids and adults also look to music to help them through tough times, sad times, family problems, and just though everyday life. Kids also look up to a lot of musicians as role models and kids do what the musician is expressing whether it be real or just word kids feel that when it’s in a song that it must be true and that is not always the case. I would say music by far is defiantly the biggest thing that depicts the human condition. Music seams to always be there in a time you feel there is no one else there. Whether it be good times or bad time, sometimes music is their just because you need a pick me up. Music is all around I don’t think there is a day that goes by that someone doesn’t hear music. Rebecca Lanham HUM 205 Music is the biggest thing that helps depict the human condition in all people not just one color or race music don’t care what color you are what your back ground is or if you are poor or rich. Music is good for every soul and heart....
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CheckPoint the Human Condition HUM 205 - Kids and adults...

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