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Rebecca Lanham's Final HUM 205

Rebecca Lanham's Final HUM 205 - Art museum collection Art...

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Art museum collection Art Museum Collection Rebecca Lanham Axia College of Universtity of Phoenix HUM 205 World Culture and the Arts Dr. Boatamo Mosupyoe October 14, 2007
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Art museum collection Art Museum Collection The art over the years in the different civilizations have changed but not dramatically. The one thing that has always stuck with the different civilizations is religion. When you see the art you will see the way that ones feels about religion and the events that have happen in their lives. There is four main parts to art in a civilization visual art, architecture, literature, and music. When you see the different ways that the culture has expressed the art it is all these four forms. In Rome there is small amount of small-scale paintings that are still around today. The paintings that are records of tend to be large in size and fill and full wall. There are four categories of different styles of paintings that were discovered. The first style started in the second century. The paintings attempted to look as if was marble slabs. The second style began about 80 B.C.E. The style was actual architecture structures that were painted. The third style was dated to the late first century. They were known as the ornamental style. The paintings looked as if they were framed pictures. The fourth style was in the mid first century. This style was the most elaborate and is know as the fantasy style. The Villa of the Mysteries , outside Pompeii, is a beautiful piece of on going art. It is a great example of the second style of art in Rome. The painting starts from one side of the room and leads all the way around. The painting represents a bridal initiation and a mystery cult of bionysos. When the painting starts out you see the bridal initiation and as it goes through the room you see the people interacting with each other and ends with the mystery cult of bionysos. You can not tell when one scene ends and other beings. There are characteristics of the style by having red walls and green floors.
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