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DQ # 1 Week 3 MAT 116 - times I look at a problem and my...

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Discussion Question #1 Week 3 Why do you think variables are useful in algebra? What makes the use of variables difficult to understand? Any tips to share about lessons learned in Ch 0-2 today. Variables are useful in algebra because they help take the place of a number you don’t know yet. Variables I think are a big part of algebra. I feel it’s one of the biggest parts in algebra. I learned a lot of lessons from the Ch. 0-2 one is that sometimes I have know problem and other
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Unformatted text preview: times I look at a problem and my brain goes on vacations. But, I learned that if I slow down and check my problem and make sure I have everything written down write and you follow the order of operations and look at some of the examples in the book and most of all take your time and give you self plenty of time to work on it do not do things at the last minute...
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