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Copyright Op-ed Draft 1 – Hannah Chin Let’s take an honest look at ourselves. College students are the most highly targeted demographic in terms of copyright infringement. To be fair, the majority of the population with Internet access between the ages of 18 – 25 has probably engaged in illegal downloading of copyrighted files. Downloading is the easy and simple way to get music, software, textbooks or movies. It is also a cheap way for students with the need for specialized software for schoolwork to access it. However, if we consider the foundations of copyright, I believe we will feel a moral obligation to rethink our choices. Copyright was established as a means of i. Providing incentive for creative work, ii. To reward authors/owners of copyright and iii. To provide legal remedies to violation of their rights. An infringement of these rights is intuitively wrong, which gives justification to UNC Chapel Hill’s decision to block file-sharing software on campus in an attempt to honour the foundation of copyright. In recent years, infringement notices to universities have risen. This does not necessarily reflect an increase in the volume of illegally downloaded copyright material. It does however, show an increase in costs and legal troubles for students and the
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201_Chin_Hannah_Mod1 - Copyright Op-ed Draft 1 Hannah Chin...

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