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What is History

What is History - Andrew Tran Mr Gorsage W History Hon 9...

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Andrew Tran Mr. Gorsage W History Hon 9 September 2004 What is History? According to the dictionary, history is a chronological record of events of the life or development of people or an institution. For most of us, however, history is just that school subject we think is lame and boring. As time passed, many historical facts were recorded and shared by many people. As a result, many different viewpoints have arisen. Something that is true to one person can be untrue or false to another. Based on information by William H. McNeill, he believes that history and myths are somehow alike. History and mythology both explain the origin of things and tell some sort of story. McNeill explains that people are separated into groups that are “each united by is own beliefs, ideals, and traditions” (McNeill, 7). In other words, McNeill means how people have different religions and cultures. He also believes that the information history tells is up to us whether we think it is true or not.
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