GCIS 603 Syllabus - Sp 2010-Sasi

GCIS 603 Syllabus - Sp 2010-Sasi - Gannon University...

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Gannon University Faculty: Dr. Sreela Sasi Office: Zurn 310 (814) 871-5635 [email protected] Office Hours: 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., F , and by appointment Class Room: Z 335 Professional Quality Module: Professional Development - GCIS 603 (1credit) (4:30- 5:50PM, M/W, March 29 - April 28, 2010) Pre-requisites: None Course Description: One of three modules emphasizing skills necessary to perform effectively and professionally, the professional-development module focuses upon corporate practices, ethical issues, and standard interactions. Course activities are related to required coursework and performance expectations of the curriculum. Course Outcomes: (1) To identify the dimensions and scenarios of professional behaviors (2) To assess the professional quality of a peer, procedure, practice, or interaction (3) To define appropriate alternative courses of actions for professional and ethical dilemmas (4) To self-reflect to identify areas requiring further improvement Text: Selinger, Carl Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2004. ISBN: 0-471- 65576-7 References: Pocket Guide to Technical Writing ( Third Edition) by William Sanborn Pfeiffer. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2004, ISBN: 0-13-047611-0 Assessment Methods : 1 Assessment Methods Objectives Identifying Scenarios (1) Assessing Professionalism (2) Defining Alternatives (3) Self-reflect (4) In-Class Activities x x x x Assignments x x x x Presentation / Reports x
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GANNON UNIVERSITY Course Syllabus – GCIS 603 Prof. Quality Module: Prof. Dev, Spring 2010 Course Administration and Grading: Preparation - Material should be read prior to class in order to facilitate learning. You are responsible for the contents of the textbook and any supplemental materials unless I waive the material. Do not procrastinate on doing the assignments. Mishaps, problems, and unavailability of the equipment do happen. Ask questions when things are not understood in the class or from the reading. Attendance, Class Courtesy - I expect students to attend and actively participate. Attendance is part of your participation grade. Attendance implies attention. If you choose to instant message, use a PDA, or other electronic device or software because it is available to you rather than be involved with the material of the class, then you have elected to be responsible for the material of the class without the support of instruction and are willing to bear the consequences to your grade.
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GCIS 603 Syllabus - Sp 2010-Sasi - Gannon University...

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