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Adapter Homework This homework is based on the Adapter in-class exercise we did on Feb. 11, 2010. You will extend the in-class exercise to work not only with Document but also with MyData hierarchy which are described below. classes are provided in Your Test program has to ask user whether to work with Document or objects. Then ask user how many objects to create for the chosen type and the values to initialize objects. If user chose to work with objects, your program ask user to choose from MyPositiveInteger , MyNegativeInteger or MyDouble objects. You need to implement your own adapter for . After your program call copyArray
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Unformatted text preview: (), go through the returned array and print out the object type and value in each array element. Use hierarchy’s toString () which is implemented to return a String containing the object type and value. For example, ac is an instance of ArrayCopier , resturnedArray = ac.copyArray (). Assume that Object ae = returnedArray [i], use System.out.println(ae) to call () method in each MyData object. If you need to know what are the criteria used for isValid (), getLow () tells you the lower bound and getHigh () tells you the higher bound. Due Date: February 18, 2010...
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