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1 Creational Patterns Creational Patterns • Provide guidance on how to create objects when their creation requires making decisions . – Typically involve dynamically deciding • which class to instantiate or • which objects an object will delegate responsibility to. • Tell us how to structure and encapsulate these decisions. Creational Patterns • Factory Method • Abstract Factory • Builder • Prototype • Singleton • Object Pool Factory Method • A way for an object to initiate the creation of another object without having to know the class of the object created • You need to create an object to represent external data or process an external event. The type of object depends on the contents of the external data or type of event. You want neither the data source, the event source nor the object's clients to be aware of the actual type of object created. You encapsulate the decision of what class of object to create in its own class. Application Framework Application Framework with Document Factory
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2 Factory Method Pattern Two variations • The general case --The class of the object to create is determined when object creation is initiated • The less common case – the class of objects that will be created is always the
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CreatonalPatterns_6 - Creational Patterns Provide guidance...

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