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1 Partitioning Patterns Partitioning Patterns • Provide guidance on how to partition classes and interfaces in a way that make it easier to arrive at a good design. – Support divide and conquer problem solving strategy. Partitioning Patterns • Filter – Describes how to organize computations on a data stream in a flexible way that allows you to mix and match different computations on the same data stream. • Composite – Provides guidance on how to organize a hierarchy of objects. • Read-Only Interface – Describes how to partition the classes that use an object so that those that should be allowed to modify it can do so, and those that shouldn’t be allowed to modify it can’t. Filter Pattern • allows objects that perform different transformations and computations on streams of data and have compatible interfaces to be dynamically connected to perform combinations of operations on streams of data . File Filter
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PartitioningPatterns_6 - Partitioning Patterns Partitioning...

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