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syllabus - Intermediate Economics I Econ 100A(Lecture B...

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Intermediate Economics I: Econ 100A (Lecture B; 62190) Professor Linda Cohen Fall 2011 This course explores the behavior of the entities that make up our economy – consumers, workers, firms, capitalists, governments. The course builds on the topics covered introductory Economics courses, introducing greater mathematical sophistication to explore how the economic actors make economic decisions, how those decisions interact, and how they result in prices, resource allocations, wealth and welfare. The text for the course is Pindyck and Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, 7th Edition. The course requirements are a midterm, final, and 9 graded homeworks. The midterm and homeworks are each worth 30% of the grade, while the final is worth 40%. The midterm date is October 28. The exams will be taken in class, but the homeworks will be done online using the package MyEconLab, access to which is included with the textbook. To register, follow the instructions that are available on the course website.
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