WWI - Assess the validity of the following statement One of...

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Assess the validity of the following statement: One of the ironies of World War I was that in a war to make the world safe for democracy, the government attacked the civil liberties that make democracy possible. Economical -Unfortunate German-Americans who couldn’t reveal Liberty Bond button would have their house smeared and soiled with yellow paint. -“draft dodgers” couldn’t buy their exemption from war or hire a sub, as in Civil War, -however, the law exempted men in major industries like shipbuilding. (Doc D) -Unlike earlier wars, it wasn’t possible to buy one’s way out of being drafted into the war. - America was quite unprepared for war -Although Wilson had created Council of National Defense to study problems with any mobilization and launched a shipbuilding program. -America’s army was 15 th largest in world. -Federal govt's intervention increased greatly during war as more agencies and resources were concentrated under gov’t control. - The National War Labor Board - gov’t no longer guarantee right to organize into unions. -However, during progressive era gov’t supported Union Clayton Anti-trust Act -exempted labor unions and agricultural organizations from antitrust prosecution. - Industrial Workers of World aka Wobblies - victims of some of worst working conditions in nation. -they were brutally beaten, arrested or driven out of town if they protested Political - Wilson ignores Senate in assembling his peace delegation and refuses to appoint any Republican senator in his official party. (Doc I) -Isolationists (anti-war) raised outcries of protest against treaty, especially against Wilson’s
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WWI - Assess the validity of the following statement One of...

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