Hum Sex syllabus winter 2012

Hum Sex syllabus winter 2012 - Psychology of Human...

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Psychology of Human Sexuality Hunter College of the City University of New York Winter 2012 PSYCH 170.00 WGS 170.00 Section: W001 Course Code: 5703 Section: W001 Course Code: 5704 M, Tu, W, Th: 1:00 pm – 4:08 pm Building: Hunter North Room #: 1036 Teacher: Ms. Leah Bothe Office Hours: by appointment Office: 627 Hunter North Prerequisite: You MUST have taken Psych 100.00 to be in this course. All students who do not meet the prerequisite must withdraw from the course. Those who do not do so will be administratively withdrawn without exception. Text: Human Sexuality , 3 rd Edition, by Roger R. Hock (available at Hunter’s Book Store, on the 1 st floor of Hunter West) Course Description: In addition to our animal drives to reproduce and the anatomical details of reproduction, human sexuality is also composed of needs for intimacy, sexual identities, and concerns with health and wellbeing. There are an enormous variety of ways that humans express sexuality within social and cultural contexts and among individuals. The purpose of this course is to explore the different aspects and variations of sexuality in human lives. Grading: Your grade will be the average score of the four exams throughout the semester. Each of the four within-semester exams will be based on lecture material and class notes (50 multiple choice questions). If you take all four exams and are satisfied with your average score, then you are free to elect to not take the Final. The Final exam will be will be difficult.
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Hum Sex syllabus winter 2012 - Psychology of Human...

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