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1 Case Study Reading Assignment: ACSM Guidelines, Chapter 1 - 3, For each case study list the following: Positive risk factors for CAD Negative risk factors for CAD Signs/symptoms of CAD, pulmonary or metabolic disease Risk stratification Does client need a medical exam and ETT prior to moderate exercise? Does client need a medical exam and ETT prior to vigorous exercise? What type and mode of test would be most appropriate ? What are the indications and contraindications? Is it safe to perform a test in your facility? (university testing facility) Other considerations, i.e. musculoskeletal Case Study #1 This is a 51 year old white female, height 66”, weight 170 pounds. She is a retired Army officer. She has smoked approximately 2 packs of cigarettes per day for the last thirty-five years. Present activities include golf (walking with clubs) and tennis, each 2 days/week. No history of CAD in her family. The client complains of shortness of breath. Present BP is 158/90 mm Hg and RHR is 75 bpm.
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