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IPE. Acute diagram - creased ischemia creased myocardial...

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Physiological alterations and sequelae associated with exercise and recovery Immediate Post Exercise Acute Exercise Stress Increased sympathetic Na+/ K+ Increased activity imbalance catecholamines Cessation of activity Arterial Vasodilation d + Decreased Vagal stimulation Increased HR SBP Decreased Venous return Decreased C di O Increased HR, SBP Increased MVO2 Increased ischemia Increased myocardial
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Unformatted text preview: creased ischemia creased myocardial Cardiac Output Blood Pressure drops (CHD) Increased ischemia Increased myocardial Irritability Altered Conduction velocity Decrease in coronary perfusion Altered depolarization/repolarization Ventricular ectopic activity From ACSM. Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription . 6 th ed. Fig. 1-1, p. 11....
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