part b - submax treadmill test

part b - submax treadmill test - Physiotherapy Fitness...

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1 Physiotherapy – Fitness Testing and Prescription Lab Part B (25 points) Submaximal aerobic testing PWC 170 and Astrand-Ryhming Prediction of VO 2 pk The purpose of this section of the lab is to: 1. Gain experience in assessing HR, BP, and RPE during exercise. 2. Determine sub-maximal fitness level using a standardized cycle ergometer test. 3. Determine a prediction of peak oxygen consumption determined by HR responses to sub- maximal steady state exercise responses. Sub-maximal exercise responses are a useful tool for evaluating not only HR and BP responses in general, but to estimate fitness in larger settings than is possible with maximal exercise testing. Sub- maximal testing is less costly and obviously involves a much lower risk of complications in the population at large. Many sub-maximal tests have been developed over the years to estimate peak oxygen consumption including the YMCA bike test, the Harvard Step test, and the 6-min walk test to name a few. The PWC 170 test is one of the most popular of the standardized cardiorespiratory fitness tests. The test was first developed as a tool to estimate work capacity in actual work settings (i.e. clearance). The test has been criticized in the past, but can be a useful tool in a budget with limited funds and resources. This test is based on steady-state exercise responses (HR) during three or four
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part b - submax treadmill test - Physiotherapy Fitness...

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