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Lecture 1 - Fall, 2009

Lecture 1 - Fall, 2009 - ARCHEOLOGY LECTURE TEST 1 2009 1...

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ARCHEOLOGY LECTURE TEST # 1 - 2009 1. Tree Ring Dating is termed A.typology B.dendrochronology C.luminescent dating D.radiometric dating E.fission track dating 2. Paranthropus ? Oldowan tools. A.probably made B.probably did not make 3. “Sherds” or “potsherds” are pieces of A.palynomorphs B.phytoliths C.coprolites D.lithics E.ceramics 4. Oldowan hominids ? a “mental template” of the tools they were manufacturing. A.had B.did not have 5. Much of the archeology currently conducted in the United Sates is due to application of A.agency theory B.ethnoarcheology C.the direct historical approach D.postprocessual archeology E.cultural resources managment 6. The study of living groups of people by living among them is termed 7. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry is especially utilized in determining the types 8. ? are created by linking up a number of ? in neighboring areas. A.phases, horizons B.horizons, phases 9. ? dating techniques place materials in a magnetic field, and the interaction between the objects and the magnetic field is measured to determine the age of the sample. A.paleomagnetic B.electron spin resonance C.luminescence D.radiometric E.fission track 10. Cultural areas are a product of A.the environment B.historical factors C.cultural areas are a product of both history and environment 11. ? views culture as an adaptive system; these adaptations allowed the ancient peoples to survive. theory ecology 12. Traditions include behavior A.that typically span a single archeological phase or horizon B.that lasts much longer than a single archeological phase or horizon 13. The “Great Ice Age” occurred during the A.Miocene B.Pliocene C.Pleistocene D.Holocene E.Oligocene 14. The study of sedimentary layers is termed 15. Most decision-making in tribal societies is by A.the leaders, or “chiefs” B.public opinion 16. Humans have more ? young than other primates. A.precocial B.altricial
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17. During the Messinian Climate Crisis climate became A.wetter B.drier and more seasonal
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  • Archaeology, archeological sites, approach D.postprocessual archeology, C.Homo erectus D.Homo, historical approach D.postprocessual, A.palynomorphs B.phytoliths C.coprolites

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