Lab 1 Illustrations

Lab 1 Illustrations - fifimwmfiu Rae Pvnmn 5:3203 m3...

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Unformatted text preview: fifimwmfiu Rae Pvnmn 5::3203 m3»: flap-3.0553 Mmm. HMO canto-.0 ZHQLu~ mush Donn-aflme w known fiwmhgnnmnn Agowrfinwu wmdmwiwn 40523le u. Wannmznln Agdlawv .0 Going“? mewn Agowwflmnwn WEE/1.9” gfiomlvv w. Zqfixufiufim 3.025%..3 A>HHSHOUOQNH Dnfimfimnnwu n ZfinfiF htwnsg 9505.6an Wzfiimu wEm00mmwoacbnwv guymnomnwmnmv n— anumnnwamfiq: Ragga: Azowpfimnwu wwdmhiw“ #559053 _ Delia FREE“ Agowucuow" wwdwrlmu ((352%me o 0:31?» fimfitnmaa Ago—Ewan” wmfiurcmnn <ndawomn—NH :— hnwmwwcgwnmfias masmnwfii “wormfloflnfldwnw” m “Salaam: «©3323? Ago—mime? Gwmqovonwn Mnfmfiomn—nwv gamomvmnnovon—NV a mwfiubfihw Awnrw—omaaunmu wnrmuomflnww m bmsgmiss mannme Agougmnw" mnwfirovomwv o flown 99w. A<nnfinvnwnwu Omnnmnrnrfini ~— meukuku: A>ddomnmu m. 50.23% we»: A<mwanvamnun Omanmnrnrtnmv .u \E‘Wmawmg £153.23 933063.»? Omfiamor‘H—Dflnmv \Avmuvkmfifin fifinrwflonwnwawaw I >mnnmoNONv .1. H Exafiahfigu H>H¢pwovonwu Damnwnnwu ginnomnnmnmv wmw ru——---—-VERTEBRATA l__......——_—-GNATHOS'I‘OIVIATA l—w—HTELEOSTOMI .———————-——TETRAP0DA ,————AMNIOTA Living Agnatha Placodermi \ Chonidrichthyes Living Figure A CLADOGRAM SHOWING A NESTED SERIES OF MONOPHYLETIC GROUPS AMONG THE VERTEBRATES‘ The de- rived characters that define the nodes of the cladogram and characterize each group are as follows: 1, Brain, specialized paired sense organs, ability to ‘form bone. 2. Jaws, gill‘filaments lateral to gill supports. 3. Regular tooth replacement, palatoquadrate medial to adductor jaw mus- culature, 4. Bone a regular constituent of the endochondral skeleton. Swimbladder or lung. 5. Paired limbs used for terrestrial locomotion. 6‘ Extraembryonic membranes, allantois, chorion, and amnion, direct development without an aquatic larval stage. 7. Loss of medial centrale Mammalia Living Le Id _ b p h pi osaurra ony 15 16 17 / amphibians 1.1 ‘5 4 \\\\ _.___.__._______l r———---SAUROPSIDA—————-——1 CrOCO\dlllfl Aves Chelonia 8/ \ 14 / k 15 13 7 6 of pes. 8, Loss of ectopterygoid bone, closely integrated dorsal carapace and ventral plastron. 9. Gill filaments medial to gill supports. 10. Pal- atoquadtate lateral to adductor jaw musculature. 11. Prismatic cartilage. 12. Fur, mammary glands. 13. Dorsal and lateral temporal openings, suborbital fenestra. 14. Large sternum on which the scapulocoracoid rotates. 15. Hooked fifth metatarsal, foot directed forward for much of stride. 16. An akinetic skull with extensive pneumatization, elongate coracoid. 17. Feathers. Neither osteichthyes nor modern amphibians can be defined on the basis of unique derived characters. ...
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Lab 1 Illustrations - fifimwmfiu Rae Pvnmn 5:3203 m3...

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