Lecture 1 2009

Lecture 1 2009 - NAME _ PALEO LECTURE TEST # 1 1. Ozone is...

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NAME _________________________________________________________ PALEO LECTURE TEST # 1 1. Ozone is a type of A.nitrogen B.methane C.carbon dioxide D.ammonia E.oxygen 2. The epifauna live ? the substrate. A.on B.within 3. The oldest foraminiferan test morphology is A.radial calcareous hyaline B.granular calcareous hyaline C.calcareous porcelaneous D.agglutinated E.microgranular 4. The ? have a three-layered skeleton consisting of calcium carbonate, organic and siliceous material. A.Demospongia B.Calcarea C.Hexactinellida D.Archaeocyatha E.Sclerospongiae 5. Fossil bone is typically preserved by A.recrystallization B.replacement C.molds and casts D.carbonization E.cellular permineralization 6. ? are often termed "sunflower fossils"; they probably represent ancient algal structures. A.archaeocyathids B.dinoflagellates C.bacillariophytes D.receptaculitids E.haptophytes 7. The "highest" taxonomic category is the A.phylum B.class C.family D.kingdom E.domain 8. ? is the process by which a single lineage changes over time. A.anagenesis B.peripatric speciation C.cladogenesis D.microevolution E.macroevolution 9. In the ? the coelom forms when pouches from the gut extend into the mesodermal cells and are "pinched off". A.enterocoelomates B.pseudocoelomates C.schizocoelomates 10. Which of the following would probably make the best key (marker) bed? A.beach sandstone B.fluvial sandstone C.lacustrine shale D.volcanic ash E.desert eolian sandstone 11. Atmospheric oxygen prior to 2.2 billion years ago was at about ? percent total atmospheric level. A.0.2 B.1 C.5 D.8 E.10 12. With increased marine volcanism, ? "Seas" are produced. A.aragonite B.calcite C.this has nothing to do with increased marine volcanism 13. ? are shared primitive characters. A.symplesiomorphies B.autapomorphies C.synapomorphies D.all of the above are shared primitive characters 14. The Earth was dominated by oceanic lithosphere, with volcanic islands and small microcontinents, during the A.Proterozoic B.Phanerozoic C.Archean 15. The blue-green algae pertain to the A.viruses B.Eubacteria C.Archaebacteria D.Fungi E.Metaphyta 16. The geochronologic equivalent of a system is an A.eon B.era C.epoch D.age E.period 17. Oxygen content in seawater may increase when temperature of the water is A.colder B.warmer C.the temperature does not affect oxygen content in seawater
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18. The average seawater salinity is approximately ? parts per thousand. A.21 B.29 C.35 D.43 E.97 19. Annelids have ? segmentation. A.metameric B.oligomeric 20. Which of the following is youngest? A.Phanerozoic B.Proterozoic C.Archean 21. If dead plant tissue is buried in a "coal swamp" A.oxygen and carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere B.oxygen and carbon dioxide decreases in the atmosphere C.oxygen increases, carbon dioxide decreases D.oxygen decreases, carbon dioxide increases 22. Taxonomists seek the establishment of ? groups. A.polyphyletic B.paraphyletic C.monophyletic D.taxonomists wish to establish all of the above for "proper" taxonomy
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Lecture 1 2009 - NAME _ PALEO LECTURE TEST # 1 1. Ozone is...

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