Paleo Syllabus 2011 (1)

Paleo Syllabus 2011 (1) - PALEONTOLOGY LECTURE SYLLABUS...

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Unformatted text preview: PALEONTOLOGY LECTURE SYLLABUS (GEOL 305-010) DATE TOPIC TEXT READINGS T 1/18 I. Tales Told by the Dead Ch.I, p. 1-23 TH 1/20 II. Rocks, Fossils, and Ages Ch.II, p. 24-44 T 1/25 III. Continents Have Moved and Climates Have Changed Ch.III, p. 45-61 TH 1/27 IV.Groups, Names and Relationships Ch.IV, p. 62-77 T 2/1 V. Earth's Oldest Remains Ch.V, p. 78-96 TH 2/3 VI. A Variety of Protists Ch.VI, p. 97-109 T 2/8 VII. Sponges, True and Problematical Ch.VII, p. 110-119 LECTURE TEST # 1 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd; SECTIONS I-VII TH 2/10 VIII. Simple Coelenterates: the Cnidarians Ch. VIII, p. 120-141 TH 2/10 IX. "Moss Animals", or Bryozoans Ch.IX, p. 142-152 T 2/15 X. The Sturdy Brachiopods Ch.X, p. 153-179 TH 2/17 XI. Worms, Burrows, Trails and Other Problematica Ch.XI, p. 180-191 TH 2/24 XII. Animals in Three Parts: the Trilobites Ch.XII, p. 192-212 T 3/1 XIII.Crustaceans Ch.XIII, p. 213-221 T 3/1 XIV. Arthropods from Shoals to Air Ch.XIV, p. 222-237 TH 3/3 XV. Snails and Their Kin Ch.XV, p. 238-249 T 3/8 XVI. Bivalve: Clams, Mussels, and Oysters Ch.XVI, p. 250-265 TH 3/10 XVII. Feet Before Heads: the Nautiloids and their RelativesCh.XVII, p. 266-280 TH 3/10 XVIII. "Ammon's Stones" and Naked Cephalopods Ch.XVIII, p. 281-294 T 3/22 XIX. Mostly Stemmed Echinoderms Ch.XIX, p. 295-314 TH 3/24 XX. Stars, Urchins, and Cucumbers of the Sea Ch. XX, p. 315-329 TH 3/24 XXI. Nets, Wrigglers, and "Teeth" Without Jaws Ch. XXI, p. 330-340 LECTURE TEST # 2 TUESDAY, APRIL 5th; SECTIONS VIII-XXI T 3/29 TH 3/31 XXII. From Starfish to Fish, Lords of the Water Ch. XXII, p. 341-371 TH 3/24 (LAB) XXIII. The Greening of the Land Ch. XXIII, p. 372-391 Ch. XXXII, p. 534-541 TH 4/7 XXIV. Amphibians, Ancient and Modern Ch. XXIV, p. 392-405 T 4/12 XXV. A Myriad of Reptiles on Land Ch. XXV, p. 406-420 T 4/12 XXVI. Farewells to Land Ch. XXVI, p. 421-430 TH 4/14 XXVII. Scale Bearers and Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs Ch. XXVI, p. 430-437 Ch. XXVII, p. 438-461 T 4/19 XXVIII. Bird-Hipped DinosaursXXVIII....
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course GEOL 305 taught by Professor Dr.phillipmurphy during the Fall '10 term at Tarleton.

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Paleo Syllabus 2011 (1) - PALEONTOLOGY LECTURE SYLLABUS...

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