Lecture 1 Fall 2007

Lecture 1 Fall 2007 - NAME _ HISTORICAL GEOLOGY TEST # 1...

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NAME _____________________________________________ HISTORICAL GEOLOGY TEST # 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE: ___ 1. ? represents billions of years on the radiometeric time scale. A.Ka B.Ma C.Ga ___ 2. Terrigenous shelves consist primarily of ?-derived sediments. A.marine B.land C.terrigenous shelves have both marine- and land-derived sediments ___ 3. A ? is an unconformity between essentially parallel strata that is recognizable in outcrop. A.paraconformity B.nonconformity C.disconformity D.angular unconformity ___ 4. Which of the following transport agents typically have the best sorted sediments? A.gravity B.water C.glaciers D.air ___ 5. In an outcrop, crossbedded sandstones consisted of very well sorted coarse silt and fine sand. The crossbeds had "set" heights of up to a hundred feet or more. This sandstone was most likely formed within an ancient A.beach B.lagoon C.eolian sand dune D.river E.lake ___ 6. The Wentworth Scale measures A.current velocity B.sorting C.particle shape D.particle size E.settling velocity of particles ___ 7. Essentially all of the particles in a sediment are sand. This sediment is ? sorted. A.well B.poorly ___ 8. The Cretaceous is an example of a A.erathem B.eonothem C.system D.series E.stage ___ 9. The degree of curvature of the corners of particles is termed A.roundness B.sphericity ___ 10. Repetitive sedimentary sequences are termed A.migmatites B.tektites C.rhyolites D.arenites E.cyclothems ___ 11. ? is used primarily for archeology and late Pleistocene geology. A.rubidium-strontium B.potassium- argon C.uranium-235/lead-207 D.Carbon-14 E.uranium-238/lead-206 ___ 12. Which of the following is not true concerning deltas? A.often with repetitive sedimentary sequences B.forms where a river discharges into a body of water; this may be an ocean or a lake C.is typically formed from coarser grain sizes D.is usually cone-shaped, but shape is determined mostly by amount of river input versus erosion by tides and waves E.typically coarsens upward in grain size ___ 13. A ? is a surface separating tilted or folded strata from overlying undisturbed strata. A.paraconformity B.nonconformity C.disconformity D.angular unconformity ___ 14. Folded rocks have been deformed by tectonism. We define this by means of the principle of A.inclusions B.original horizontality C.cross-cutting relationships D.faunal relationships E.superposition
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___ 15. A rock facies consists of a well-sorted, crossbedded, quartz arenite. This facies is most characteristic of a ? environment. A.lagoon B.bay C.lacustrine D.glacial E.beach ___ 16. The chronostratigraphic equivalent of an epoch is the A.erathem B.eonothem C.system
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Lecture 1 Fall 2007 - NAME _ HISTORICAL GEOLOGY TEST # 1...

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