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Lecture 2 - 2008

Lecture 2 - 2008 - NAME_OCEANOGRAPHY TEST 2 1 Terrigenous...

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NAME __________________________________________________________OCEANOGRAPHY TEST # 2 1. Terrigenous sediments are A.carbonates B.neritic sediments C.glacial-marine sediments D.derived from land E.pelagic sediments 2. "Acid Rain" is primarily a result of removal of ? from the atmosphere. A.oxygen B.carbon dioxide C.sulfur D.argon E.nitrogen 3. Most salinometers measure A.density B.refraction C.conductivity D.salinometers utilize each of these methods equally 4. ? is created where raindrops freeze in the atmosphere. A.hail B.snow C.sleet D.freezing rain E.all of the above are created where raindrops freeze in the atmosphere 5. As regards Continental Drift Theory, there ? evidence that the continents moved through and over the ocean basins. A.is B.is no 6. The Pacific Plate is now moving toward the 7. The solid ? consists of iron and nickel. 8. ? is the major source of atmospheric energy by releasing latent heat. A.water vapor B.carbon dioxide C.oxygen D.nitrogen E.sulfur dioxide 9. ? is primarily produced by anaerobic bacteria. sulfide 10. Continental plates have a ? specific gravity than oceanic plates. A.lower B.higher C.the specific gravity is about the same 11. ? have distinct coriolis rotation around a central low pressure zone, with several closed isobars around it, and have wind speeds of less than 119 kilometers per hour. depressions 12. Plasma is an ionized A.solid B.liquid C.gas D.plasma can be solid, liquid or gas 13. The "Horse Latitudes" are a zone of ? atmospheric pressure. A.low B.high C.at the "Horse Latitudes", air pressure varies considerably 14. ? often develops just north of a center of low pressure. A.hail B.snow C.sleet D.freezing rain E.rain 15. Rift valleys are created along ? boundaries. produced equally well along all of these boundaries
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16. The most common element in the Earth's crust is 17. During our Winter Solstice, the noon sun would be directly overhead at A.Equator B.Tropic of Cancer C.Tropic of Capricorn 18. "Plants" ? the air or water. A.remove carbon dioxide from B.add carbon dioxide to 19. The dew point is where A.rain begins to fall B.condensation occurs C.the atmosphere becomes unstable D.the atmosphere becomes stable E.air masses heat up
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