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Lecture 4 - 2006

Lecture 4 - 2006 - NAME_OCEANOGRAPHY LECTURE TEST 4 1 is 2...

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NAME ________________________________________________OCEANOGRAPHY LECTURE TEST # 4 ___ 1. ? is # 2 in marine species diversity. A.Mollusca B.Porifera C.Annelida D.Bryozoa E.Arthropoda ___ 2. The amount of plant growth depends on A.whether plants are able to stay within near-surface waters B.the amount of nutrients C.all of the above D.none of the above ___ 3. The highest taxonomic category is the A.phylum B.family C.genus D.class E.kingdom ___ 4. Coral zooxanthellae belong to the ___ 5. Baleen whales belong to the ___ 6. Specialist species have a ? niche. A.narrow B.broad ___ 7. ? are photosynthetic and secrete a pill-box like siliceous shell. ___ 8. The Marine Iguana A.is found on the Hawaiian Islands B.are entirely carnivorous C.all of the above are true D.none of the above is true ___ 9. Sea urchins and sand dollars belong to the ___ 10. ? utilize nematocysts to capture their prey. A.Cnidaria B.Mollusca C.Porifera D.Annelida E.Bryozoa ___ 11. Which of the following is a toothed whale? the above are toothed whales ___ 12. ? are sessile algae that inhabit rocky shores, usually in warm water. ___ 13. ? water tends to contain more oxygen. A.salty B.organic debris-rich C.cold D.all of the above tend to contain more oxygen E.all of the above tend to decrease the amount of oxygen in water ___ 14. The decline of ? species often reveal adverse environmental impact. A.native B.immigrant C.keystone D.alien E.indicator ___ 15. The polychaetes belong to the ___ 16. The ? are marine, benthonic, bilaterally-symmetrical, filter-feeding bivalves.
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___ 17. ? environments have the most species diversity. have the same amount of species diversity ___ 18. "Division" is a classification category used for A.animals B.plants C.all of the above D.none of the above ___ 19. The presence of complex gills, a calcareous shell, and a radula is diagnostic of the
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  • Fall '10
  • Dr.PhillipMurphy
  • Cetacea, Baleen whale, C.Ostracoda D.Isopoda/Amphipoda E.Cirripedia, C.Scaphopoda D.Polyplacophora E.Bivalvia, A.Cephalopoda B.Gastropoda C.Scaphopoda, A.Pyrrhophyta B.Bacillariophyta C.Haptophyta

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