Lecture Final - 2006

Lecture Final - 2006 - NAME OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST 1...

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NAME _____________________________________________________ OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST ___ 1. Optimum Yield and Sustainable Yield ? to the same phenomenon. A.pertain B.do not pertain ___ 2. Wet deposition and dry deposition are associated with A.synthetic organic compounds B.acid rain C.solid refuse D.secondary pollutants E.heavy metals ___ 3. Tidal ridges most often occur with ? estuaries. A.microtidal B.mesotidal C.macrotidal ___ 4. Another name for a firth is a A.lagoon B.spit C.fjord D.estuary E.fjard ___ 5. DDT would be classified as a A.synthetic organic compound B.source of acid rain C.solid refuse D.secondary pollutant E.heavy metal ___ 6. The ? includes the seaward side of a barrier from the outer edge of a beach to a distant change of slope. A.backshore B.foreshore C.surf zone D.shoreface E.tidal inlet ___ 7. The World Conservation Strategy primarily involves A.protecting wildlife habitats B.controlling pollution C.bans on commercial trade of threatened or endangered species D.the World Conservation Strategy involves all of the above ___ 8. The most promising desalination process seems to be A.distillation B.freezing C.reverse osmosis D.electrodialysis E.solar humidification ___ 9. The presence of mud in a continental shelf facies may be due to A.low water energies B.amount of mud suspended in the water column C.both low water energy and mud concentration may result in the presence of mud in shelf facies ___ 10. Raft culture is used for raising A.fish B.shellfish C.in raft culture both fish and shellfish are raised ___ 11. ? commercial fish species are in danger of becoming extinct. A.no B.few C.some D.most E.all ___ 12. The most important fisheries are A.near Peru B.in the Outer Banks area, off the coast of Newfoundland C.in the Northwest Pacific D.off the coast of Japan E.off the west coast of Africa ___ 13. In a wave-dominated estuary, the coarser sediments are deposited A.near shore B.in the center of the estuary C.all sediments in estuaries are fine-grained ___ 14. Lagoons are typically ? to the coastline. A.perpendicular B.parallel C.lagoons may be perpendicular or parallel to the coastline ___ 15. The most wasteful method of fishing is using A.lines B.trawl bags C.drift nets D.all of the above are equally wasteful
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___ 16. Coastal currents would be least influenced by A.tidal action B.wind C.river discharge ___ 17. About ? percent of medicines used in the the World have ingredients from wild species. A.15 B.20 C.25
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Lecture Final - 2006 - NAME OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST 1...

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