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Lecture Final - 2008

Lecture Final - 2008 - NAME OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST 1...

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NAME ____________________________________________________ OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST 1. Worldwide, about ? of fish stocks are now depleted or overfished. A.1/10 B.1/5 C.1/3 D.1/2 E.2/3 2. ? are low-relief estuaries. A.fjords B.coastal plain estuaries C.tectonic estuaries D.all of the above are low- relief estuaries 3. The Strait of Gibralter is at the entrance to the A.Mediterranean B.Black Sea C.the Strait of Gibralter lies between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 4. The Whooping Crane, West Indian (Florida) Manatee, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Blue Whale, and Southern Right Whale are ? species. A.threatened B.endangered 5. The morphology of deltas depends upon A.coastal morphology B.wave intensity and direction C.tidal range D.coastal transport E.all of the above influence the morphology of deltas 6. Drift-net fishing is ? in national waters. A.legal B.banned 7. Manganese nodules currently ? important global resources for iron, manganese, copper, nickel and cobalt. A.provide B.do not provide 8. Swash is a thin sheet of water that flows ? the beach face. A.up B.down C.swash may flow either up or down the beach face 9. In ?, saltwater is passed through a thin, semipermeable membrane under pressure to remove the salts. 10. Spits ? connected to the mainland. A.are B.are not 11. ? has the # 1 merchant fleet. A.the United States B.Liberia C.Russia D.Germany E.Greece 12. Which of the following would be a "likely" number for the annual Maximum Sustainable Yield in "short tons"? A.85 B.120 C.150 D.175 E.200 13. Well-mixed estuaries are ? estuaries. estuary 14. ? typically have "thresholds". 15. The edge of the continental shelf averages about ? meters water depth. A.50 B.85 C.130 D.300 E.500 16. In ?, saltwater is heated by direct sunlight to make freshwater. A.distillation B.humidification C.reverse osmosis D.electolysis E.freeze separation
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17. Lagoons typically contain A.freshwater B.brackish water C.normal marine salinities D.hypersaline environments E.it depends upon the type of lagoon, and the position in the lagoon 18. A "Pass" on the Texas coast is a A.estuary B.lagoon C.intertidal flat D.tidal marsh E.tidal inlet 19. If waves predominate, coarser sediments are often deposited ? of estuaries. A.in the center B.along the shore 20. For upwelling to occur, surface waters move A.seaward B.landward
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Lecture Final - 2008 - NAME OCEANOGRAPHY FINAL TEST 1...

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