Oceanography Field Trip

Oceanography Field Trip - FIELD TRIP, PAGE 1 OCEANOGRAPHY...

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FIELD TRIP, PAGE 1 OCEANOGRAPHY FIELD TRIP - PORT ARANSAS/CORPUS CHRISTI AREA Official Mileage from Stephenville to Port Aransas is 347 miles. University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute Main Entrance – 630 E. Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas, Texas Visitor's Center Phone is 361-749-6729 Texas State Aquarium 2710 N. Shoreline Blvd., Corpus Christi, Texas Phone number for Texas State Aquarium 1-800-477-4853 FOOD - No food is provided for the field trip. You must have money enough to survive or bring cans of kippers or sardines for the trip. BEHAVIOR AND SAFETY - As you know, alcohol and drugs are banned at TSU activities. This is an official activity. Use common sense. Don’t risk your safety or that of your fellow students - no swimming at night, don’t climb along or wade by the jetty at night, or do anything else that will place you or others at risk. Use the “buddy system” - don’t go anywhere by yourself! If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, I need to know. The first aid kit will always be near - know where it is. If you have a problem, let me know - don’t put yourself or others in greater danger by not responding to something that could lead to a crisis. CLOTHING - Use common sense here also. You will be getting wet, you may be getting cold (or hot) and you may be getting too much sun. Dress accordingly. You must wear tennis shoes or deck shoes on the Katy - no slick-soled shoes or sandals. Bring an extra pair of tennis shoes or swim shoes that you don’t mind throwing away - you may want to discard them once you have waded around the mudflats! OTHER STUFF - DORM DWELLERS must furnish their own towels and blankets. You may want to bring a pillow - the “sandbag” pillows in the dorm are not especially comfortable. Bring a flash light for night hikes. During the Oceanography field trip, we will be exploring several environments. Be sure to bring Rothschild and Fotheringham’s Beachcomber’s Guide along, and run off the scanned copy of Rick Tinnin’s “Marine Education”, available on Murry’s website. Within your report, you will need to address the following questions concerning the environments we will be visiting. If I left anything out that you believe is important, put all of that in your report also. The finished report is due Wednesday, October 6th.
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Oceanography Field Trip - FIELD TRIP, PAGE 1 OCEANOGRAPHY...

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