Oceanography Syllabus 2010

Oceanography Syllabus 2010 - OCEANOGRAPHY (E S 340)...

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INSTRUCTOR: Phillip Murry Office: Science 139F Phone: 254-968-9889 Email: murry@tarleton.edu Office Hours: 9:00-10:00 Monday thru Friday TEXTBOOKS: Rothschild and Fotheringham - Beachcombers' Guide to Gulf Coast Marine Life. Third Edition. (Required) GRADES: Lecture grades : The lecture average consists of 4 lecture tests and a field trip report. The field report consists of answers to the field trip exercise to be turned in on Wednesday, October 6 th . The four lecture tests, the field report and the final test count equally (16.67% each) Final Test : The final test is not comprehensive (see lecture syllabus) and is 16.67% of your total average. Makeup Tests : All makeup tests consist of two-question essays given on Tuesday, December 7th at 5:00 p.m. in Science Building Room 109. If you are not satisfied with a lecture test grade, you may replace this grade with an essay test over the same material. If you decide to take the essay test, the essay test grade will be the grade I count. Field Trip : The oceanography field trip to Port Aransas/Corpus Christi is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th through Monday, September 27 th . Those persons not able to attend the trip can write a paper as outlined by Murry to replace the field trip grade. CELL PHONE AND COMPUTER USE:
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Oceanography Syllabus 2010 - OCEANOGRAPHY (E S 340)...

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