9 X 9 Assignments

9 X 9 Assignments - 13-191 Alexander in north-center 15-54...

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ASSIGNMENTS FOR 9X9 STEREOPAIRS 5-104 Dublin in SW corner 5-106 Allen, Bo Lingleville in NW corner 5-108 Busch, Spencer Lingleville in SW corner 5-109 Christian, Cody North of Lingleville 5-184 Cormack, Sam Lingleville in NE corner 5-186 Foyt, Shawn W of Dublin 5-188 Gass, Tad Proctor Lake in SW corner 5-191 Gleason, Patrick Proctor Lake in NW corner 5-193 Goffinet, Christy Gustine in east-center 5-195 Grace, Ryan S of Gustine 13-184 Hamilton in SE corner 13-186 Hail, Dedrick NW of Hamilton 13-188 Hoffmann, Noah Carlton near center 13-189 Holland, Clifton Carleton in south-center
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Unformatted text preview: 13-191 Alexander in north-center 15-54 Jennings, Beaux De Leon on S edge 15-55 Lane, Jamie De Leon in east-center 15-56 Lewis, Kelli De Leon in NE 15-58 Pratt, Michael Proctor Lake to E 15-60 Schermerhorn, R. Comanche near center 15-61 Smith, Lynn Comanche at top-center 15-62 Tilly, Sarah Comanche on N edge 33-122 Waterman, Matt NW of Lingleville 33-127 White, Niki Dublin near center 33-131 S of Dublin 33-133 Widmer, Mark Hwy 36 in center 35-101 W of Comanche 35-107 Gorman near top...
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9 X 9 Assignments - 13-191 Alexander in north-center 15-54...

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