Field Geology Syllabus (1)

Field Geology Syllabus (1) - 3 Tests will consist primarily...

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SYLLABUS AND GRADING - INTRODUCTION TO FIELD GEOLOGY (GEOL 405) INSTRUCTORS - P. Murry (254-968-9889); email [email protected]; S. Field (968-9887); email [email protected] GRADING - Each of the following exercises and tests count equally. Exercises are due at 1:00 p.m. on the date specified. If the exercises are rearranged to better suit the weather patterns, the amount of time allowed for each exercise remains the same. Ten points will be deducted immediately upon failure to turn in an exercise, and ten points per day thereafter. 1 These projects must have Title Blocks, Scales, Legends, North Arrows, and Descriptions, where appropriate. 4 The rough draft of the Canoe Syncline report is due on 11/5 (The Final Report, Map and Cross-Sections are due on 11/12). 2 Drafted Map.
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Tests will consist primarily of a field practical, with supplemental questions taken from handouts and materials obtained from field exercises. First aid questions will be on all tests. DATE PROJECT DATE DUE 9/3 I. Safety and First Aid in the Field Test 9/10 9/10 II. Rock Identification 9/17 9/17 III. Remote Sensing and Air Photo Interpretation 1, 2 10/8 9/24 IV. Introduction to Field Techniques 1 10/8 10/1 V. Introduction to Surveying 1 M10/25 10/8 VI. Compass and Pace Mapping 1 M10/25 10/15 Mid-Term Test 3 (Topics I-V) 10/22 Work on Assignments 10/28-10/31 VII. Mapping the Canoe Syncline (Big Bend) 1 11/12 4 10/28-10/31 VIII. Geology of the Big Bend 1 11/5 11/13 & 11/20 IX. Inks Lake Mapping Project 1, 2 M11/22 FRIDAY, December 3rd - Final Test 3...
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Field Geology Syllabus (1) - 3 Tests will consist primarily...

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