AstronomyLecture2a - NAME ASTRONOMY TEST 2 1 The consists...

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NAME _____________________________________________________________ ASTRONOMY TEST # 2 ___ 1. The ? consists of brittle material. A.asthenosphere B.lithosphere C.both the asthenosphere and the lithosphere consist of brittle material ___ 2. Rilles are Moon A.mountains B.craters D.valleys E.gases ___ 3. In Gibbous Moons ? than half of the Moon's surface is ? illuminated. A.less B.more depends upon the time of month ___ 4. Gravity ? curvature of spacetime. A.causes B.cannot cause ___ 5. ? metamorphism is most important on the surface of the Moon. A.impact B.regional D.all of the above are equally important on the surface of the Moon ___ 6. High resolution is more difficult to obtain for ? wavelengths. A.shorter B.longer C.wavelength has nothing to do with resolution capability ___ 7. ? Eclipses occur when the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth. A.Lunar B.Solar C.both Lunar and Solar Eclipses occur when the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth ___ 8. The atmospheric pressure of ? is about 100 times that of Earth. A.Venus B.Jupiter C.the Moon D.Mercury E.Mars ___ 9. If the observed cosmological density is less than the critical density, the universe is A.closed C.the universe could be open or closed under these circumstances ___ 10. Euclidean Geometry is ? geometry. A.hyperbolic B.spherical C.flat D.Euclidean Geometry involves all of the above ___ 11. Plate movement averages 2 to 9 centimeters per A.hour C.week D.month E.year ___ 12. Metamorphic rocks ? form by solid-state transformation. A.usually B.only ___ 13. More distant galaxies have greater spectral A.redshifts B.blueshifts C.some distant galaxies have redshifts, others have blueshifts ___ 14. ? is due to turbulence in the atmosphere. A.light pollution B.seeing C.both light pollution and seeing are due to turbulence in the atmosphere ___ 15. Eclipse Seasons occur ? time per year. A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4 E.5 ___ 16. Hyperbolic and flat geometries are B.closed C.flat geometries are open; hyperbolic
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geometries are closed ___ 17. Plant photosynthesis is the major contributor of ? to the atmosphere. A.carbon dioxide B.argon C.water vapor D.nitrogen E.oxygen ___ 18. There ? geologic activity on Mercury. a lot of not much ___ 19. Plasma trapped in spiral paths around the Earth forms the A.oceans B.atmosphere C.asthenosphere D.lithosphere E.magnetosphere ___ 20. The largest radio telescope in the World is in A.New Mexico B.Wisconsin C.Puerto Rico D.Arizona E.Hawaii ___ 21. Average Earth density is about ? grams per cubic centimeter. A.1 B.1.5 C.3 D.4.3 E.5.5 ___ 22. The core of the Moon is relatively ? versus that of Earth. A.small B.large ___ 23. Inertial mass ? gravitational mass. less than greater than equal to ___ 24. ? consist of a collection of photo-sensitive devices laid out in a miniaturized pattern that resembles a chessboard. A.CCDs B.spectrographs C.infrared telescopes D.ultraviolet telescopes E.photometers ___ 25. ? are made from ?.; minerals
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  • Moon D.Mercury E.Mars, C.the Moon D.Mercury, A.Venus B.Jupiter C.the, A.impact B.regional, A.carbon dioxide B.argon

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AstronomyLecture2a - NAME ASTRONOMY TEST 2 1 The consists...

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