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ASTRONOMY SYLLABUS (EARTH SCIENCE 320) TENTATIVE DATES TOPICS T8/30 TH9/1 I. Astronomy and Time T9/6 II. Early Cosmological Models TH9/8 T9/13 III. The Birth of Scientific Astronomy TH9/15 IV. Principles of Astrophysics and Astrochemistry TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 th ; LECTURE TEST # 1, TOPICS I-IV TH9/22 T9/27 V. Astronomy Instrumentation TH9/29 T10/4 VI. Introduction to the Solar System T10/4 VII. The Earth TH10/6 VIII. The Earth’s Moon TH 10/6 T10/11 IX. Other Terrestrial Planets TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 th - LECTURE TEST # 2; TOPICS V-IX FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 28 th - STAR PARTY # 1 TH10/13 X. The Jovian Planets TH10/20 XI. Dwarf Planets and Small Solar System Bodies T10/25 TH10/27 XII. The Sun, our Star T11/1 XIII. Stellar Astronomy TH11/3 XIV. The Birth of Stars TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 th - LECTURE TEST # 3; TOPICS X-XIV FRIDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 25 th -26 th - STAR PARTY # 2 TH11/10 XV. Star Lives T11/15 XVI. Star Death TH11/17 XVII. The Evolution of the Galaxy T11/22 TH11/29 XVIII. Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy TH12/1 XIX. Cosmology T12/6 XX. Astrobiology and Exobiology THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15 th AT 8:00 A.M. - FINAL TEST; TOPICS XV – XX
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ASTRONOMY INSTRUCTOR: Phillip Murry Phone: 254-968-9889 Email: [email protected] Office : SCI 139F Office Hours - 9:00-9:45 Monday, Wednesday and Friday
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