02 Limits on Cell Size

02 Limits on Cell Size - Experiment Limitations on Cell...

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Biology with Calculators 2 - 1 Experiment 2 Limitations on Cell Size: Surface Area to Volume In order for cells to survive, they must constantly exchange ions, gases, nutrients and wastes with their environment. These exchanges take place at the cellÕs surface. To perform this function efficiently, there must be an adequate ratio between the cellÕs volume and its surface area. As a cellÕs volume increases, its surface area increases, but at a decreased rate. If you continued to increase the cellÕs volume, it would soon be unable to efficiently exchange materials and the cell would die. This is the reason that the kidney cell of an elephant is the same general size as a mouse kidney cell. In this lab activity, you will use bouillon cubes, which have a high salt content, as cell models. You will observe how cells of equal volume perform reactions faster when their surface area is increased. When the bouillon cubes are placed in distilled water, they will begin to dissolve, releasing sodium and chloride ions. The solutionÕs conductivity, measured by a Conductivity Probe, is proportional to the ion concentration in the solution. In this experiment, you will investigate how a cellÕs surface area relates to its ability to exchange materials with its environment. 1. Figure 1 MATERIALS LabPro or CBL 2 interface bouillon cubes TI Graphing Calculator distilled water DataMate program ring stand Vernier Conductivity Probe utility clamp 400-mL beaker metric ruler glass stirring rod lined graph paper scalpel or razor blade (optional) Graphical Analysis (optional)
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2 - 2 Biology with Calculators Experiment 2 PRE-LAB ACTIVITY 1. Set aside one whole bouillon cube. 2.
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02 Limits on Cell Size - Experiment Limitations on Cell...

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