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15 Biodiversity

15 Biodiversity - Experiment Biodiversity and Ecosystems 15...

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Biology with Calculators 15 - 1 Experiment 15 Biodiversity and Ecosystems Biodiversity is critical in any self-sustaining environment. Complex and diverse ecological systems are made up of many organisms and a huge variety of interactions. Simple ecosystems have few organisms, few interactions, and are fragile. All ecosystems, whether diverse or sparse, involve an intimate interaction of living things with their abiotic environment. Variety or diversity in an ecosystem increases the chance of survival in a changing world. The earth is losing its biodiversity at a worrisome rate. Humans simplify ecosystems for many reasons: to increase the agricultural base, to make way for cities and industrial zones, or for aesthetic reasons, such as making lawns and gardens. This practice has direct effects upon many abiotic factors within an environment. The air temperatures found in cities, for instance, are usually significantly higher than that in surrounding, non-urbanized areas. Such cities are said to produce heat islands . An area’s biodiversity has profound effects upon the physical and biological makeup of an ecosystem. MATERIALS LabPro or CBL 2 interface meter stick TI Graphing Calculator notebook DataMate program string or twine Temperature Probe rubber band various field sites PROCEDURE 1. Choose two sites, one that is fairly diverse with a fair variety of different types of plants. Call this Site A. Find a simple site, such as a grassy lawn. Call this Site B. Two such sites might be similar to those shown here: 1. Site A Site B Site A: 2. Using a meter stick, measure out a one-square meter area at Site A. Mark the area with string or twine.
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15 - 2 Biology with Calculators Experiment 15 Identifying organisms 3. Examine this area closely. Discuss how your group will determine answers for the questions below. Record your decisions and rationale for your choices.
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15 Biodiversity - Experiment Biodiversity and Ecosystems 15...

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